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Sith Elsa by pushfighter

You never fail to create wonderful pieces of art! The over all impact of this piece screams Elsa, from the snow flake lightning (a stap...

Thought for the day.

If you are being accused of stalking and think you are innocent, at least make a better effort to look innocent. Posting on about certain topics, while could still be innocent can appear as stalking. Watch what you post, cause you never know if the person that thinks your a stalker might just have the US military watching what you post too.

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So yeah, situation, it still sucks. This is why I have been rather quiet on DA and why I don't post much on this site or respond to people. I'm broke, miserable, and I am still stalked at conventions and I have now zero power to do anything. Figmentsmedia is an utter liar. Don't believe me? Ask them about me or mention your one of my friends. I have over a dozen screenshots of them stalking my deviantart page and they even had the guts to try to get innocent bystanders to step in and try to be a hero. Not only did it fail, but one of those people is now a good friend of mine.
I have had people tell me that I'm making it up. But look at these quotes and tell me I'm making it up
"August 8 4:49pm
she's still dead to me... all her stuff has been thrown out in the trash
you know what, I think i'll kill her and her little dog too... that'll show her im serious"
"August 8 8:06pm
I just want to hurt her... she hurt me"
"August 8 8:25pm
If i see her anytime soon, I WILLm take a swing. I never hurt a women BUT she is NOT a women.,. no women would treat me like this"
"August 8 10:43pm
Im gonna kill her for this somehow"
"August 9 1:57pm
I will kill her, somehow. I need peace"

Those are 5 out of the 6 threats he made against my life. And then on August 11th 2013 he attack my home at Midnight/1am screaming at the top of his lungs "I HAVE TO TALK TO MY NADINE! I HAVE TO TELL HER MY FEELINGS FOR HER! I HAVE TO KNOW HER FEELINGS FOR ME!" all the while beating on the front door and my bedroom window. I had to hide in the bathroom crying my eyes out in sheer fear as the sanctuary of my home is destroyed. And because the Auburndale police are nothing but stupid unworthy police officers, they believed his crappy lie that he came to my house to get a spare house key. YET he forgot to state in court how he also dropped off the vinyalmation figures and the Precious Moments doll he bought me.

He does not know what living in a nightmare is like. He does not know what is like to want to go to a convention because they are advertising at the one your are attending (if he's reading this, cause I know he LOVES to continue to stalk me, I'm referring to KightroKon being advertised at FAE). He doesn't know what it's like to see a car that looks just like his and melt into an utter meltdown of sheer terror. If he was truly scared of me, he'd of been in a panic attack just as much as I was at KnightroKon. I have lost sleep since August because I wake up in the middle of the night with nightmares. I can't nap in my car while having someone drive while doing errands without waking up screaming in tears because I can't take a nap without reliving that night my house was attacked. I have had so many un-need migraines that were caused by lack of sleep. My chest arthritis has been hurting since November when the harassment really started begin with him.

And I'm not alone. There are other cosplayers who have come to me pointing out how right I am. In fact there is another cosplayer who has noticed his stalking methods and feels quite uncomfortable about it. I have had a convention contact me personally assuring me that if he does -ANYTHING- to me or my friends, that can feel safe by talking to their security. 

I've been told by people who don't quite understand my situation many things. "Why don't you stop using facebook?" Well, why should I? Why should I punish the 300+ people who follow my page? I see no reason to pay money for a domain name. "Why don't you just avoid the conventions he goes to?" Because we both live in the same area and are apart of the same cosplay community. So if I want to avoid the conventions he goes to, I might as well quit cospaying. And the hell I will quit something I love when I'm the victim here.

Sometimes I want to believe that he's trying to send cops after me. But I know he's not THAT stupid. The number he had of me has long been disconnected when my phone was run over by a bus (which survived because it was in an otterbox) and never then was I contacted by the police. I know he was contacted twice (at least once confirmed, I think the first time the officer just forgot) to leave me alone. I should post my phone number, or have someone give it to him in case he wants a cop to call me. I'd love to show up at a police station showing all the instances of stalking, harassment and threats he's made just to me alone.

All I can do is give my friend a heads up when they try to praise him. I warn people, I don't ever say "STAY AWAY DON'T GO NEAR HIM" because people deserve to learn first hand his true colors. All I do is point out to be careful and explain my story and normally afterwards they come back with the "holy crap thanks for warning me, you were so right". Now why on earth if he was as innocent as he claims, would people tell me I'm right?

Because of him, I have lost my peace of mind, my home sanctuary, my job, and my health. So I'll be damned if I'm going to let some little child try to destroy what little happiness I fight to have. If he really was scared of me, he'd of gotten a restraining order against me long time ago because you don't need any money to file one. The only reason I haven't is because I'll be damned to not show up in court without a REAL lawyer, not some piece of crap lawyer that I hired the first time I tried to protect myself.

{Edit 6/30/2014 - A friend of mine actually posted on tumblr my story, and ya'll have no idea how grateful I am for that. And it seems that my visitors have increased a lot and I don't publicly advertise my DA account cause this is where I normally come to vent. However, if you are here because of the tumblr post,, these are images sitting in my stash that are screenshots of the death threats.}


FantasyTwilight's Profile Picture

Artist | Hobbyist | Artisan Crafts
United States
((My lovely profile photo was brought to you by Rattlesire and the orginal designs of the ponies where done by hoshi-kou ))

I am 21 years old and LOVE Sailor Moon. I am also an avid World of Warcraft and Guild Wars 2 player. I am also 3 time state title holder with two different pageant systems as their "Miss Florida". I was Miss FL American Dream 2009 & 2011 and Miss FL American Renissance 2011. I am not the typical beauty queen as I like to cosplay -and- wear my pageant banner with my costume. I like being that conservative role pageant role model for young girls as most young pageant title holder girls show up to events in short skirts and dresses, sometimes acting self centered or slutty. Not all pageant girls are, but I've seen my fair share of the bad kind.
I have just recently started getting into the cosplay scene. If you happen to get my photo at a convention let me know! I love to see it as I like all clear photos of me! It sounds kinda self center when I say it, but I can never pick a favorite photographer as they are all different and have their own unique styles and ways they take a photo. Anyways that's enough about me, if you have any questions or comments about me or anything in my gallery, please feel free to send a note or leave a comment on my profile (assuming you finished this whole dang thing XD).

I have recently started getting into "adopting" the various creatures around DeviantArt. While I do not (and have too much of a short temper for) draw, I will still bring these cuties to life in a 3-D aspect of art. My main projects to try to do are plushies and scuptures, as well as future writings that contain the fantasy creatures, while humanfying any ponies I pick up. I have a still few more pending adoptions as well as eggs that are currently hatching. Once I get the ball rolling with my 3-D projects I'm kinda hopping to open my work up to trading. Yay for art!

:thumb347922032: One of my new babies! by FantasyTwilight Raichu Girl! by FantasyTwilight Darkstone Amethyst by FantasyTwilight Sugar Plums by FantasyTwilight Sunset Flower by FantasyTwilight Amethyst's Dragoniss, Dragon Form by FantasyTwilight Zicon Dragonis by FantasyTwilight Lola Sunset by FantasyTwilight FantasyTwilight commission 2/3 by hoshi-kou (this is Mom's ponysona) FantasyTwilight commission 1/3 by hoshi-kou (my ponysona) S'mores by FantasyTwilight Pony adoptable: Floribella (SOLD) by KristyGreene Third hatched adopt~ by Aquatic-AngelBeaker, Project X or Nukie. by FantasyTwilight


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The crown itself is noit made of resin but in a kind of plastic. ^^

We paint all our items (even resin) when it has to be gold. Gold resin makes bad result so we use a kind of very resistant spray paint. ^^
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